when did love become a watered down version of itself? seems like everywhere we turn successful relationships are becoming extinct, especially if the main characters look like us. oftentimes when we are not in control of the narrative, we are painted negatively; sadly and in some instances, the damage can come from our own. however, i am grateful for us, female authors and readers, who choose to paint and celebrate a different, more realistic picture of our lives and loves.

the novels in a different perspective series changes and challenges mainstream narrative. all of romantic life isn’t a fairy tale, but in almost all instances it certainly starts out as one. its simple, the first novel in the series, takes conventional relationships and turns them right side up allowing you to view life and relationships from a different perspective and sets the stage for the series offering a refreshing look at the possibilities. the relationship between the male and female protagonists, Chase and Tia, will progress as all relationships do. as a point of note, the series is written in 3rd person, because as in life, nothing is ever truly about ‘me, myself and i’.


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