Hey all. With all the requests rolling in, we figured we'd do something fun and different. We're asking each of you to grab your cameras or smartphones and head out into your city with a copy of either It's Simple or Never Said It Was Easy or both and strike a pose displaying the book(s) and some landmark synonymous with your city in the background. Our intention, thanks to many of you, is to compile these images and post pin them on our Pinterest board dedicated wholly to the "Travels of Chase and Tia." You can send as many … images as you like. They can be individual or group shots, or of your husband or boyfriend sporting a major grin with you nestled beside or in front of him, so long as he isn't the one hogging the photo. *smiles*

Email your pictures to pins@michellerichardson.co, then check the board in a few days for postings. Also, we're planning on rolling out additional boards for Chase and Tia so check back here periodically or head over there first. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see pinned, drop us a line. Whatever we post, it's sure to be fascinating.

Until next time, toodles!