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a different perspective series
book 1: view it's simple trailer or read a preview.
book 2: view never said it was easy trailer or read a preview.
book 3: view always faithful trailer. preview soon come.

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it's simple: reflections

the ability of the written word to transport the reader immediately is indeed a powerful vessel. the spark of an idea can happen in an instance with one sentence from an author whose message adheres itself on a cellular level, deeply impacting and changing the way the reader views people and the world around them. as a writer, i can only hope your passage with me is just as transformative. so from where i am to exactly where you are, i have a story i wish to share with you … one that cultivates ideas to empower a person for change.

on this site you will find previews from my books along with trailers, goodies and an occasional pondering. if you have any questions, drop me a line. if you wish to chat, start the discussion. if you want to change the world starting with your own life, pick up the hoe, get rid of the weeds, turn over the soil, and plant the seed. with some patience, attentiveness and a bit of pruning watch it—over time—blossom into the very thing you imagined.