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how do you poison, individually and collectively, those who know not self nor the truth?
send them to the movies, it’s a twofer.


mind and body are poisoned simultaneously. all is impacted. all is affected. all is infected. and the best part? the participants willingly arrive with minutes to spare needing little to no further coercion to be there (p&a attracted its targeted audience). participants line up for tickets granting access and entry into the darkness of possibility with buckets of snacks and beverages in tow. inside these darkened caves or pods, participants feed upon food and a film.

for at least 90 minutes and in some instances 2 hours, participants are fully immersed inside a sensory program where they’ll see, feel, and experience an alternate reality that will reshape their own not later, but immediately. they will react although the threat is physically unfounded, but perceived as real.

their mind has made these projected experiences real.

participants arrive one way and leave another.
seeds have been successfully planted in psyche, in subconscious, in cells.
an alternate reality now exists.

in this compact period of time, shifts occurred. seeds that were sown in the beginning have germinated. growing, still, the moment they reenter the realm of “consciousness.”

the message, whether subliminal or overt, lingers.
what they’ve consume physiologically and psychologically impacts organs and minds.

see it for what it is and gain more insight.
step in to view the agenda, but lose not yourself to the experience.
then peep the agenda,
to disrupt the agenda.

the set up is the set up.

be not entertained,
for they present these images never to entertain.